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Shoot Your Shot!

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Welcome to the community for fans of all things trashy, Divine and downright rude. You can post just about anything you want, the more beautiful the better. We welcome all you drag queens, kings, jesters, paupers, divas, criminals, the list goes on and on, just remember, the more lipstick and hairspray...the better.

Bored of seeing prim, perfected drag artists? Well we dont want those here. We want good, old fashioned big haired, big waisted DIVAS, with an attitude as big as their butt. So dont come here with your blonde wig and latest Jimmy Shoo's, come with your teased, matted yellow wig, fake dog poop in one hand and a can of hairspray in the other, and start makin' NOISE

"Be Divine! Be Be Divine! Be Divine, baby and not tame!"

We want to see youWe want to see pictures! Movies! Drawings! Dog Poop Well, maybe not the last one, but feel free if you wish, I guess. EVERYONE is welcome, dont feel intimidated, well, at least not yet.

I will try and keep a lack of order around here, but I cant promise anything.

Have fun you bunch of retards. <3

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Our sister community is _therightstuff, the ONLY Dead or Alive/Pete Burns on Livejournal!

Both communities are maintained by x_euphoria + batcave_baby